9 Using Forms Solutions with Oracle Sole Sign-On

9 Using Forms Solutions with Oracle Sole Sign-On

Find the row that lists the setup section for the software.

Into the point area, choose sso during the Show drop down record.

In part location, find line including ssoMode .

Inside the worth line, enter incorrect .

Individual sign-on is impaired for its chosen tool.

9.4.1 ssoMode

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The ssoMode quantity enables a methods treatments tool to hook up to OracleAS solitary Sign-On Server. Automatically, Oracle types methods are certainly not set up to work in single sign-on means. The ssoMode parameter may be kick in two areas inside the formsweb.cfg document:

By place ssoMode inside the traditional part of formsweb.cfg with a property value true enabling all software to run in individual sign-on mode by this methods solutions circumstances

By placing the ssoMode quantity in a named arrangement of an Oracle ways tool which helps or disables single sign-on simply for this particular tool, for example:

9.4.2 ssoProxyConnect

The ssoProxyConnect parameter allows a person to regulate once Oracle paperwork should use a proxy connection to the databases so when it must not. The ssoProxyConnect quantity might put in two techniques:

By setting ssoProxyConnect inside traditional element of formsweb.cfg with a worth of affirmative that allows all solutions to perform in solitary sign-on setting with this methods work instance

By passing the ssoProxyConnect parameter during the URL at runtime, eg

9.4.3 ssoDynamicResourceCreate

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The ssoDynamicResourceCreate quantity is set to real by default allowing the person to provide a Resource availability Descriptor (RAD) entryway in Oracle online index to run the required forms if this type of website access does not exists. Internet webpage utilized is a general version given by the Oracle Delegated management work. This website page shouldn’t be modified since it is definitely not purchased by Oracle paperwork.

Permitting dynamic site manufacturing simplifies Oracle online database government Lincoln escort service because there is no longer the requirement for an owner to construct user RAD know-how ahead. The ssoDynamicResourceCreate factor might arranged as a process quantity during the formsweb.cfg data or as a parameter of a named setup. Because standard is placed to genuine , this factor works extremely well in a named construction for a certain product to deal with a missing RAD entrance in another way from standard.

Be aware that permitting a credit card applicatoin for solitary sign-on utilizing the property value the ssoDynamicResourceCreate quantity set to incorrect , while not indicating a value for its ssoErrorURL , triggers Oracle kinds to present one content if no RAD useful resource prevails for the authenticated customer this application.

Since you cannot assume all directors want the company’s people generate information for themselves (and probably elevating troubles with Oracle net directory site), these parameters let managers to regulate Oracle Internet database site generation. The standard actions are to strong owners to an HTML form that permits them to create the resource, the owner can alter the setting and redirect the consumer to a custom Address.

For that arrangement segment for your Forms product, you must ready these criteria:

For the informatioin needed for setting these boundaries through venture management Fusion Middleware Management, discover area 4.2.4, “Monitoring Criteria”.

9.4.4 ssoErrorURL

The ssoErrorURL quantity allows a manager to state a redirection link that takes care of the case just where a person RAD access lacks for a particular product. This parameter has only result when ssoDynamicResourceCreate parameter is set to false , which disables the powerful source manufacturing attitude. The ssoErrorURL factor might explained when you look at the default section in addition to being a parameter in a named setup part. The Address is generally of any kind of program, a static HTML file, or a custom Servlet (JSP) tool dealing with RAD production, like in the instance below.

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